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tuesday (feat. drake) // i love makonnen

and when i’m puttin’ work in on a weekend
i’ll look back on this
and think how we have the club going up

Let’s just pretend it’s Tuesday, OK?



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For our 30th anniversary, we celebrate 37 artists, visionaries, icons and iconoclasts. See the pictures and interviews with our OG’s here.

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Naomi Campbell, photographed by Edward Mapplethorpe for Paper, November 1990. From “Invisible Beauty.”

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"Before he was born, so much of my life was about moving forward. I was always looking toward the next house, the next car, the next job. Having a child with special needs really made me slow down and examine my definition of success. It also opened my eyes to how many people around me were willing to help."
"What was your most difficult moment as a parent?"
"After being strong for so long, there was a moment when my wife finally broke down. And that was very difficult for me to see."
"What was your happiest moment?"
"After months of coming home from work every day, kissing him on the cheek, and telling him I loved him— one day he said it back."


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Musée Du Louvre 

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Daddy I’m going to sleep now. I had a good dream last night so I’m going to finish it now.

My daughter, 6 years old.


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For real tho.

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